Saturday, January 21, 2012

T. and J.

I went tot he Sacramento River for my next shoot with a family that I have known for a few years. Hopefully soon I will be able to post the rest of the pictures. They are in process of adoption two wonderful kids and when that becomes final I can post the family photo. Until then here are T. and J. with their biological children, twins, E. and Z.


In October I had the honor of shooting my mom and Darrells wedding. it was a wonderful afternoon filled with friends and family. Congratulations you two!!!

Mr. B

Over the summer I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. B. He was adorable and his pictures quickly became some of my new favorites.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Miss E.

My sister in law got me in touch with my next client. They were gracious enough to let me photograph their 6 day old blessing Miss. E. she was a doll and was most comfortable in her daddies arms. We even had her brother Mr. J. there to get in on the shoot with us.

Mr. K.

I got to do an old friend of the families maternity shoot and not long after I was blessed with photographing her new son Mr. K. He is such a cutie and is very proud to have a father who is a sheriff.

Miss Ellie

I had the pleasure of photographing my niece Miss Ellie. you can see the love in her brothers eyes.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mr. A turned 4

My dearest Andrew turned 4 this year. He is just as cute as ever.